New Yorker Magazine

“A block away from the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, downstairs from the lantern-festooned Mexican eatery Casa Mezcal, is a red-walled hideaway, accented with an upside-down bouquet of malachite-tinted eucalyptus. This isn’t the kind of place that has forty kinds of whiskey behind the bar; the main draw is the array of creative herbal concoctions […]

NYC to Go

“If it’s beautiful and inventive drinks you want, it’s beautiful and inventive drinks you’ll get at this bar-lounge, located beneath Mexican restaurant Casa Mezcal. While there are plenty of mixologists making crafty cocktails and bespoke drinks around the city, Miguel Aranda is very nearly an alchemist, mixing unexpected tinctures, juices, herbs and liquors into tasty […]

Bloomberg Pursuits

This artsy, retro-looking Lower East Side bar prepares all its infusions and juices in house to ensure quality and freshness. And while the bartenders can get creative with their concoctions—think, transforming a Julep with Japanese yuzu or adding saffron to a G&T—they’ll be happy to whip you up a sharp classic if you’re not feeling too […]