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“If it’s beautiful and inventive drinks you want, it’s beautiful and inventive drinks you’ll get at this bar-lounge, located beneath Mexican restaurant Casa Mezcal. While there are plenty of mixologists making crafty cocktails and bespoke drinks around the city, Miguel Aranda is very nearly an alchemist, mixing unexpected tinctures, juices, herbs and liquors into tasty liquid delights. Presentation is as critical as preparation here, which is why you might spot fellow bar goers snapping photos of drinks (or be lured into taking a pic or two yourself). As with the cocktail offerings, the decor in this softly lit spot is unique: it includes a backlit bar with rows of potions in old-timey bottles and the dried hide of an alligator spread across a wall. Before your visit check the event calendar, which often includes live music performances and DJs.”

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“A block away from the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, downstairs from the lantern-festooned Mexican eatery Casa Mezcal, is a red-walled hideaway, accented with an upside-down bouquet of malachite-tinted eucalyptus. This isn’t the kind of place that has forty kinds of whiskey behind the bar; the main draw is the array of creative herbal concoctions made by the barman Miguel Aranda, a native of Mexico City. Colorful rows of arcane-looking apothecary bottles hold tinctures with ingredients like saffron, poppy seed, hibiscus, yerba maté, and tonka (a bean with a scent between that of almond and vanilla). Aranda revels in the unexpected, mixing whiskey with powdery Japanese matcha tea or adding lemongrass to frothy egg whites for a variant of the Ramos Gin Fizz. In the Rosemary’s Sephora, rosemary-infused gin has an arboreal taste that nestles within the sweetness of velvety falernum. On a recent weekday evening, Aranda extolled a vodka made from fair-trade quinoa. “My friend in Bolivia makes it,” he said. “It’s a very clean taste.””

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